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short abstract

the structure of the article should include:< / strong>< / p>

  • UDC.< / li>
  • article Title.< / li>
  • information about the author (s): surname, name, patronymic; academic degree; place of work, contact information — e-mail address, phone numbers.< / li>
  • the name of the institution where the work was performed.< / li>
  • short (50-120 words, usually 6-8 sentences), but exhaustively capacious, fully reflecting the essence of the work abstract in Russian and English. The abstract should not be italicized, underlined, etc.the Text should not be divided into paragraphs. Citation is not allowed in the abstract. Abbreviations should be decoded. Immediately after the abstract should be submitted keywords in Russian and English, which may consist of separate words and phrases. You do not need to italicize or bold the text.< / li> < / ul>

    Completely ready manuscript should be not bolee1-th author's sheet (40000 signs with spaces)

    • abstract, keywords, references, information about the author in Russian and English are not included in the calculation of the volume of the article.All abbreviations should be decoded; references, tables and illustrations, captions are stored in separate files and printed on separate sheets). Materials are presented in a folder that ensures their safety, marked with the names of the authors and the title of the work.< / li>
    • * two reviews, one of which is external. Reviews should be certified at the place of the main work of the reviewer.< / li> < / ul>

      Article № 1 about something< / p>

      Article № 2 About something< / p>

      Article № 3 About something< / p>

      Article № 4 About something< / p>

      Article № 5 About something< / p>

      Article № 6 about something< / p>

       < / p>

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